Connecting Bluetooth Device From Linux

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With any Linux distribution, one can connect Bluetooth either manually or using the terminal. For this article, I will detail on how you can connect Bluetooth through the terminal.

1. Install Bluetooth package

You need to install Bluez , which contains the driver stack for Bluetooth adapters as well as utilities for the CLI administration of Bluetooth. For majority of Linux distributions, the installation is direct as shown below:

sudo apt-get install bluez

The installation will provide the bluetoothctl utility. Using systemctl, you should enable and start the Bluetooth service. Screenshot (144).png Confirm that the status is active. Screenshot (145).png

2. Pairing and connecting Bluetooth device

First, ensure Bluetooth is not blocked by running rfkill Screenshot (146).png If it is blocked, unblock it. Screenshot (147).png Confirm that it has been unblocked. Screenshot (148).png

Start bluetoothctl. Screenshot (150).png Turn on the adapter. Screenshot (156).png Show the properties of the adapter. Screenshot (158).png Turn on discovarable and pairable. Screenshot (160).png Scan for available devices. Screenshot (163).png once the Bluetooth device is discovered, pair and trust it. Screenshot (165).png Confirm that the device has been paired. Screenshot (167).png Finally, connect the device to Bluetooth. Screenshot (169).png